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AquaShield Diver Detection Sonar (DDS)

The ongoing threat of terror attacks since 9/11 has produced an awareness of the need to protect critical marine and coastal infrastructures - a growing priority for governments and private corporations alike. Current marine surveillance solutions often ignore the areas of underwater surveillance and underwater site security, tracking only above-water activity, and leaving the area under water vulnerable to intrusion by divers and Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDV).

Building on its technical and operational experience in sonar and underwater acoustic systems for naval applications, DSIT has developed an innovative, cost-effective Diver Detection Sonar  (DDS) system, the AquaShield, that provides critical coastal and offshore protection of sites through detecting, tracking, and warning of unauthorized divers and SDVs for effective response.


    AquaShieldDDS system                 

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DSIT’s AquaShieldDDS system is the only one that offers:

  • Long-range detection – gives more time to evaluate situations and potential threats to effectively determine the need for response, and improves actual response times.
  • Automatic detection and tracking – system includes automatic target recognition (ATR) and tracking
  • Low false alarm rate – critical element in the system prevents site shutdown and unnecessary intervention
  • Best price/performance – fewer nodes translates into lower total cost of ownership, increased reliability, and reduced maintenance activity.

      Overview of 3 AquaShield DDS units protecting a harbor
      Tailored Solution
      The DSIT AquaShieldDDS system comprises a command center staffed by one person. Underwater sonar units or “nodes” are strategically placed to provide maximum security with up to 360º coverage. The number and configuration of nodes are customized to meet each site’s unique requirements and topology.


      Automatic detection, tracking & classification of targets
      AquaShieldDDS systems operate in all weather and water conditions. The system’s flexibility enables rapid deployment and adjustment to specific site conditions. The DDS sensors can be integrated with other sensors into a comprehensive command and control (C&C) system to provide a complete tactical picture both above and below the water for more intelligent evaluation of and effective response to the threat.  


    •  AquaShield ER (Extended Range)

      Click to open the comprehensive AquaShield DDS brochure and data sheet.

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